Have you ever had a dream that everyone told you was impossible? My dream was to spend my time writing and researching AND get paid to do it! But, year after year, that dream was discounted as foolish, not practical, and misguided. However, I never let go of it. Something deep in my soul told me that this was my mission. This desire was a gift that needed to be shared with the world.

It took decades and many failed business attempts to realize that my dream was a viable business model. Through a random Craigslist listing, I discoved the world of ghostwriting, which led to learning how to blog. This tiny spark of a dream just grew far beyond expectations. I was finally writing, researching and getting paid, however something was missing. What was the method to the madness?

Being a devoted lifelong learner and problem solver, I devoured course after course. Attended every training I could, and spent hours reading about marketing theories, business practices, and how to get visible online. At some point, that client who was only paying for a blog post started getting free coaching and strategy sessions because I had discovered the secret to visibility online! It was too good to keep to myself.

It wasn’t spending endless hours on social media.

Content was key, but that didn’t mean running yourself into the ground constantly creating new blog posts and podcasts.

Doing all the things, wasn’t really how to get it done.

What it took was a system and some simple organization. SEO is not a four letter word, and neither is it some impossible to master skill. There was a practical, simple, and systematic way to leverage SEO, content creation, and social media that led to growth, increased revenue, and saved both money and time.

Now, that deep, long held belief that writing and research was a mission and a gift has come to fruition. It’s no longer an impossible dream. Businesses and lives are being changed by the Secret to Visibility Online system that came out of perseverence and problem solving.

Are you ready to get off the online marketing treadmill and finally taste success without burnout? Let’s chat!

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