AI and Growth on LinkedIn

Want to grow on LinkedIn? Discover the connection between AI and growth on LinkedIn.

Jennifer Elia

2/18/20231 min read

By now, you have experienced all the buzz over developing artificial intelligence (AI) like ChatGTP. Many are saying that "this changes everything." In some ways, it will, but before you think AI is the only way to make it online. Let's look at the facts of how LinkedIn marketing works and the role AI can play.

Where is AI today?

First of all, AI is not really new. Every app, platform, and tool that you use relies on some level of AI. What is new is the level of accessibility and sophistication. Like all technological advances, this is a tool. When used correctly, it can help the user save time and do better work. However, it is not like the Jetson's marvelous machine that could produce anything with just the push of the same button.

It still takes strategy and knowledge to use it properly and get good results.

What is Content Marketing?

We also need to understand what content marketing really is. Good content marketing evokes emotion, answers questions, and builds trust. It's less about the content and more about the experience.

So, more content is good. However, even Google acknowledges that pumping out content is not necessarily the best way to serve your audience. Recent updates to their algorithm reflect this. They are looking for authority, expertise, and experience, not just endless content.

Does AI Content Rank?

None of us can definitely say that it doesn't. While there is a race to perfect AI content detectors, the truth is that that technology is far from reliable. A quick search of Answer The Public shows that a large percentage of top-searched questions focus on AI content ranking.

However, I would argue that ranking is only part of the equation. If that is all you are focused on, you are missing the point of content marketing.

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