How Many Connections Do You Need on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn many do you have? Find out how many you need to be successful on the platform.


Jennifer Elia

5/20/20222 min read

How many connections do you have on LinkedIn? Having more connections helps us grow, but whom should we be connecting with on LinkedIn to truly grow our business?

I often hear, "I know LinkedIn because I have 30,000 connections."

Actually, one has nothing to do with the other. Having 30,000 connections is an impressive milestone. However, what are you doing with those 30,000 people? Knowing how to use LinkedIn effectively has very little to do with how many people are on your connection roster.

How Many Connections Do I Need?

The short answer is 500 and always more. Let me explain. LinkedIn restricts the visibility of accounts with less than 500 connections. It is part of the algorithm. Building a solid foundation of connections shows you have legitimacy and are acting with intention.

If you don't have 500 connections, focus on reaching that milestone before worrying about developing anything else. It's your foundation.

Now, the next goal is not 30,000, the next goal is to be consistently growing and creating new relationships.

Where Do I Find New Connections?

New connections are everywhere. Use the platform to its fullest and find new ones every day. This doesn't mean spam people or just connect to anyone so you can say you are connected.

Basing your success on connections is a losing proposition. Here's the thing, you could have 20,000 connections and make no sales, book no calls, and get zero engagement on your posts."That's impossible!"It isn't! I see it every week when reviewing and assessing profiles. More doesn't mean better. Find quality connections:

  • At networking events

  • In comment threads on connections' posts

  • Through your current connections

  • Via targeted search

Should I Only Connect with Ideal Clients?

So, I know I said to choose good connections. This does not mean that you should be overly restrictive. Not every connection is going to turn into a client. In fact, most won't.

However, as in any networking, it isn't about the people you know, it's really about the people they know. Connecting with those who serve your ideal client or connect with your ideal client will expand your reach and put you in front of the right people.

So, use your connections wisely, but also get to know many people. Your potential lies in the connections you create. Whom will you be connecting with today? Want a connection strategy that increases sales and brand awareness without paying for ads or sending spam?

Don't chase vanity numbers, strategize for results!