Tired of spending hours online between social media, email marketing, and podcasts or blogs? Did you start a business so you would have more freetime and be in control of your day? Now, your business rules your time and it feels like the work never ends. Worst of all, all these hours aren’t producing the results you want, and you feel like you are working for pennies.

Ready to get off the content marketing treadmill?

What if you could finally nail it? Imagine controlling your marketing so that it works for you, instead of the other way around. If your days were filled with progress and meeting your goals, you could go to sleep at night confident that your business is solid. Stop worrying about keeping up with all the things and start thriving in your business.

Content Marketing Masters Community will give you back control of your time and make those goals a reality. Don’t waste another second posting just to post because it’s what the gurus tell you to do. Just one hour per week could save your endless hours of wasting time not getting anywhere, AND make a huge impact in your business.

Every month in Content Marketing Masters Community you will:

  • Master one content marketing trick to move you forward quickly
  • Complete step by step weekly checklists to meet the monthly challenge
  • Grow and connect at monthly live Q & A sessions
  • Build your network through a one of a kind community

All for just $47!

Part mastermind, part exciting challenge, all designed to improve your business growth in less than one hour per week! But wait, there’s more:

What if you could join Content Marketing Masters Community for FREE?

That’s right, you could get thousands of dollars worth of training and coaching without spending one dime. It’s simple. Great opporunities are meant to be shared. So, every founding member will receive a referral code to distribute to friends and connections who need to get a grip on their content marketing strategy. You will receive a discount for every person you refer, and if you refer 5 paying members, you get your memebrship for free.

Masterminds and group coaching can run in the thousands of dollars. But, support and targeting success training should be available for everyone. So, are you ready to commit just one hour (or less) per week and push your business forward in a massive way this year?

Content Marketing Masters Community will be covering the following topics:

  1. Keyword research optimization
  2. Meta-description creation
  3. optimizing graphics for your post and how to use them
  4. Devicing a publishing strategy across platforms
  5. Create two weeks of social media from one blog post or podcast
  6. Links–how to maximize your visibility through internal, external, and backlinks

Join now, and get the founding member rate of just $47 per month, or purchase a 6 month membership for only $247!!

What are you waiting for…you could just keep doing what your are doing, or your could join the one community built for busy business owners, that want massive impact from their online effort.

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