Is LinkedIn Marketing Effective

Everyone is talking about LinkedIn but is LinkedIn marketing effective? Read this before you waste any time.

Jennifer Elia

3/12/20231 min read

person writing on white notebook
person writing on white notebook

Is LinkedIn good for marketing?

Are you wondering if LinkedIn marketing is actually effective? You are busy and time is precious, you don't want to waste resources on something that won't work. I hear you!

However, time and time again, statistics show the power of LinkedIn for business growth. Even Neil Patel, the online marketing and SEO giant touts the advantages of LinkedIn marketing. So here is a guide to the essential parts of any marketing plan to get you noticed and growing via LinkedIn.

Be Part of the 1%

Less than 1% of users actually create content for the platform. Even fewer do so consistently. By creating good content, you stand out. Here are some tips for great content:

  • Consistently publish 3-5 times per week around the same time of day

  • Educate your audience and show off your expertise

  • Share stories that are relatable, not just hard-selling copy

  • Use hashtags wisely! Do your research before you add them.

Build Your Network

More connections mean more potential leads, however, don't chase vanity numbers. You are better with a small, engaged audience than a large audience of unengaged connections who are not ideal prospects.

How to get better connections:

  • Target specific industries, attributes, or locations that are ideal for your business

  • Stay connected with those you meet at events, networking, or trainings

  • Don't count the numbers, count the quality

  • Get to know new connections, send a welcome message, and reach out to contacts regularly, even if it's only once per year.