LinkedIn Marketing Strategy that Works

Looking for a LinkedIn marketing strategy that works and doesn't cost thousands to implement? Check out this proven 5 step system to get results.


Jennifer Elia

2/23/20232 min read

Well, it's 2023. As we muddle through remembering to write the correct date and remember which year we are in, a whole year of possibilities lay before us.

Will this be the year that you reach or surpass your goals? Could LinkedIn be the answer to rapid business growth? The answer to both of those is, yes!

Here's a quick guide on how to be successful on LinkedIn in just 4 steps.

#1 Create Compelling Content for LinkedIn

You may be thinking, "You said these would be easy steps."

Trust me, they are. Compelling content is easier than you think. There are tools that can help you generate ideas if you are stuck, too. However, what is most compelling is you and your story.

No, LinkedIn is not the new Facebook, but people do not want to read the same boring, canned content that everyone else in your niche is putting out there. They aren't interested in features and benefits, they want transformation.

How to create compelling content:

  • Address a real need or question your audience has

  • Keep it conversational

  • Share real stories about you and your clients

  • Make it relatable

#2 Be Consistent and Show Up

We are all busy! I will never advocate spending hours on LinkedIn or any other platform. Life is meant to be lived and spending endless hours on social media or networking keeps you from not only living your life but also doing what actually generates income!

Consistency can be 15-30 minutes per day, 3-5 days per week! An hour per day is ideal but half a loaf is better than none! The truth is that the overwhelming majority of LinkedIn users are not creating content or being consistent. By just showing up, you are ahead of the pack.

Like anything, though, you need to stick with it. Every day, even when you don't want to.

Tips for staying consistent:

  • Schedule a time for you to be on LinkedIn

  • Have a plan before you start so you don't waste time

  • Be realistic in your plan. If 3 days per week is all you can manage, do that consistently!

  • Treat it as you would a client. You and your business are a priority.

#3 Engage with Others and Build Connections

How many connections do you have? How connected are you to them? It has been shown statistically over and over that a small engaged audience is more valuable than a large unengaged one.

Engagement is key! You need to go out and comment on posts and reply to comments on your own posts. Engagement is not a sales pitch, it is a way of opening a conversation and getting visibility.

Here are some easy ways to engage in just minutes per day:

  • Comment on influencer posts

  • Get visible to ideal clients by following and engaging with others who serve your audience

  • Reach out to new connections and get to know each other.

Download the LinkedIn Toolbox here!