The LinkedIn Mistake that Costs You Leads

Do you want more leads on LinkedIn? Stop doing this one thing and watch your prospects increase.

Jennifer Elia

7/1/20221 min read

Stop Doing That On LinkedIn!

How to Get Leads on LinkedIn

What you should be doing on LinkedIn and what you should stop doing? The first thing they tell you is you need to have a great profile on LinkedIn that will get you leads.

The truth is having a great profile doesn't create leads you need to have a profile that's active that speaks directly to your clients and that is actually showing on other people's pages then your profile will never get leads.

Some people tell you to post seven (7) days per week and that will give you leads, but the posts alone will not give you leads. Your posts need to be engaging and full of value that will attract your client and build your audience.

How to Get Visibile on LinkedIn

Lastly, they tell you Live Video will give you leads, but if you're doing live video just because somebody is telling you to do it and you have no idea why you're doing it. You don't have a clear message and you don't have a clear plan as to where you are leading others to guess what you're still not going to get any leads.

Marketing is all about educating your audience about what you have to offer, how to get it, and why they need it in their lives. This doesn't happen with spammy messages or high-priced LinkedIn ads. Good marketing strategy starts with engaging and value-rich content and finishes with building connections.

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