LinkedIn Marketing Strategy Consultation

Your LinkedIn Profile is one of the most powerful marketing tools you have. Up your marketing game by optimizing your LinkedIn profile and presence.

But, that is only part of what it takes to grow your presence online and reach business success.

Google is looking for businesses that establish expertise, authority, and trust. All of that requires an expert marketing strategy and a cohesive overall plan.

For most B2B businesses, this begins on LinkedIn.

A LinkedIn Marketing Strategy Consultation will include an analysis of the following:

  • Messaging

  • Branding

  • Sales Funnel/Lead Magnets

  • However, you are showing up online!

You will receive a detailed video walk-through of all your marketing efforts so that you can see the experience through the eyes of your ideal client.

Then at a 1-to-1 strategy session, we will map out your marketing strategy so you have a solid plan going forward.

Through sales psychology, content and copywriting expertise, and over 14 years of digital marketing experience, Jennifer Elia delivers a strategy consultation experience that is second to none.