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Digital Marketing Tools

TOOL: Metricool

TOOL: Your Social Team

Metricool is my favorite scheduler for social media because it covers pretty much every platform and even lets you schedule reels. Best of all, it provides you with the best analytics around. It has completely changed my marketing game.

Want to stay ahead of the latest trends? Your Social Team provides the most up to date and engaging templates around. Plus, they are so easy to use. It’s a matter of click, click, done. I love how easy it is to brand the templates.

TOOL: Streamyard

TOOL: Canva

This was a game changer! Streamyard allows me to stream to multiple platforms at once, download my live broadcasts, and even pre-record broadcasts that then go out “live.” The free version is equally good, but trust me, you will want to upgrade once you get started.

Don’t know what I would do without Canva. It is so much more than graphics. You can host one page websites, edit and create videos, present captivating slide shows, and more, all for a very small price. It is like having a whole army of team members, right at your fingertips.

TOOL: LinkedIn Toolbox

Research Tools

TOOL: Ubersuggest

TOOL: Answer the public

This is one of my favorite tool! If you are doing any kind of content marketing, you need to use Ubersuggest. It is the best SEO tool around for a really affordable price. The project tracking feature is so helpful, and I regularly use the Site Audit feature to get idea and find issues on my own site. (PSST! With a Gmail account, you can get pretty much all you need without invest in a plan.)


TOOL: TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy is another video marketing tool. I really like how you can create thumbnails right in the app while you are uploading videos. Also, the tags list lets you create pre-made lists of tags and simply import them into the video description with one click. Awesome!

This tool has completely changed Youtube for me. The daily suggestions of video topics and titles is priceless. No more guessing, you will already know what works. The tags, AI title generator, and competitor tracking features mean you can put together an amazing channel, easily. The only thing vidIQ doesn’t do it record the videos!

Online Business Tools

TOOL: Mailerlite

TOOL: Zyro Website Builder

Nurturing and funneling are important parts of marketing. Mailerlite lets you do both easily. It is easy to use, robust in features, and free for the first 1000 subscribers. Build landingpages,embedded forms, automations, and more. The new version even includes AI integration.

One of the easiest to use website builders around. It is truly drag and drop with sleek designs and great integrations. However, the best part is the customer service. They are always available and always helpful. Use this link to get 3 months free!

TOOL: Social Glow

TOOL: Fiverr

Sometime, you just need a little help. From graphic design and webpage development to video editing and transcription, Fiverr has it all. Find the perfect service provider to get assets you need to scale your business. Use this link and get up to $100 off your first service.

Build your business with communities and events. Socialglow lets you do it all in one place that is highly functional and easy to use. Virtual events help increase your visibility and impact. Check out Socialglow for a platform that performs without finieky algorithms.

Relationship Marketing Tools

TOOL: Stream VA

TOOL: SendOutCards

Marketing isn’t just about social media and virtual assets. One of the best ways to get in front of people is direct mail, and it is more economical that you think! Postcards have a 100% open rate. Want to augment your outreach and nurturing efforts? Check out SendOutCards.

Love the idea of relationship marketing but don’t have time to do it? No problem, a Stream VA will work with your contacts to get the correct address and then send cards to prospects and clients, alike. So you are able to build a lasting client experience without spending any time doing it.

TOOL: Rocket Reach

RocketReach helps you find email and mailing addresses for prospects and influencers. You can use either to build outreach campaigns. Having direct addresses is golden. There is no better way to do cold outreach or direct mail marketing.