How to Use Video on LinkedIn

Video marketing is growing but does it work on LinkedIn? Find out the best tips for using video on LinkedIn.


Jennifer Elia

6/29/20222 min read

Video has taken the online world by storm.

Videos are highly engaging and have a higher level of conversion than other mediums. However, what about on LinkedIn? Is it really the platform to use video because of its business nature.

So, can you post a video to LinkedIn? Keep reading to find out what video on LinkedIn can do for your business.

Do Videos do well on LinkedIn?

There are different types of video on the platform. These include:

  • Live video

  • Video uploaded to a post

  • Profile picture video.

  • Video messages

All help to engage your audience more than a static post or graphic. However, some are more effective than others. However, no matter what video you use, it does do well when used wisely. As with all content, keep it conversational, provide value, and provide something that truly resonates with your audience.

Do videos get more engagement on LinkedIn?

The honest answer is that it depends. Videos may get more engagement or may get less than a post or article. However, what videos do create is prolonged engagement. They build greater trust and personal connections.

Live videos (or native videos) do better than uploaded media because the platform actively pushes it out. Your followers and subscribers will be notified about your broadcast. That increases the level of engagement and reach.

Consistency also helps. Publishing a broadcast at the same time and day each week will greatly increase your reach and results. Either way, you definitely get better analytics versus a static post so you will gather more information on your audience.

What is longest video you can post on LinkedIn?

You are allowed to post 10-minute-long videos on the platform. However, you need to consider what is the longest amount of time others will listen. Sometimes topics lend themselves to 10 minutes, other times it is better to keep it shorter.

People’s attention spans have gotten shorter. To produce longer videos, you need to have a high level of interest and really draw people in. Otherwise, they will bounce. So, yes you can make longer videos but two-four minute seems to be the best length for keeping people wanting more.

You want followers to look forward to what you are publishing, not click off or ignore it. So, instead of asking what is the longest time that is allowed, ask what is the longest time that your audience desires and needs.

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