What Posts Perform Well on LinkedIn

Need more traction on LinkedIn? Discover what posts perform well on LinkedIn!

Jennifer Elia

5/16/20222 min read

Welcome to May! Spring has sprung and so has traffic on LinkedIn. Now that the spring break lull is over, LinkedIn is once again hopping.

So, what are you posting? If that is a sore spot, keep reading for tips on always having something to post!

What Posts Perform Well on LinkedIn?

Let's first define "perform well."

Every day, I see human interest videos pop up or daring animal rescue videos. I admit I get sucked in more than I should. This type of content generates quite a bit of discussion and likes. It doesn't take much for it to go viral.

However, is viral really what you want? Honestly, no!

Viral can be great when it happens, however, as I often say, "We don't want one-hit wonders." That is often where viral posts lead. You taste a bit of fame, maybe even less than fifteen minutes, before it fizzles and dies.

How Do Posts Go Viral?

Generally, it is a post that elicits a great deal of emotion. People can not help but get sucked in and comment. Cue the cat videos, controversial posts, and tear-jerker "real life" shares. Accumulating more likes and comments will feed the algorithm and boost your post. My question to you is, think of the last "viral-worthy" post that you saw.

Do you remember who posted it? Do you have any idea who he or she serves or how? This is why viral means very little. If you can have a high-quality, value-rich post go viral, that is golden. However, that is much less likely to happen so don't bank on it. Instead, provide consistent, engaging, and educational content.

What Should You Post on LinkedIn?

Here is a concise list of ideas for new posts. Remember you do not need to keep coming up with something completely new, in fact, you shouldn't. Focus on your core pillars of content and share your message over and over.

Use this list as inspiration for creative ways to do that.



Educational narratives

How-to posts

Common mistakes

Your story posts

Client case studies/results


Funny or humorous posts

Informational series

Best Tips for LinkedIn Posting!

Tired of coming up with ideas for your posts? Or just not sure where to even start?

Good posts are the key to more visibility and leads! What if you could never run out of ideas on what to post, again? It's possible!

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