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LinkedIn Marketing Strategy Consultation

Up your marketing game by optimizing your LinkedIn profile and presence.

After a thorough review of all your LinkedIn, website, products, and overall marketing plan. I’ll create a personalized video so you can see your marketing through the eyes of your ideal client.

Get ready to make a major impact!

Then at a 1-to-1 strategy hour, we will map out your LinkedIn strategy so you have a solid plan going forward.

Marketing Uplevel: Fractional CMO Support

Expand your reach and get more visible with expert strategy, engaging posts, and goal-driven design.

Lay a strong foundation for your brand and uplevel your visibility with a solid marketing plan that is streamlined, easy to implement, and works harder for you.

Uplevel your results, your presence, and your sales funnel with complete, strategic management packages.

What to Post on Social Media System

Spend less time and stress on social media with greater results by creating a four-month content library of engaging and converting posts.

Includes a course that shows you how, what, why, and when to post on social media, for any niche on any platform!

Plus, get training and access to a custom system for social media marketing that will organize your content for you or your team.

Perfect for virtual assistants and team member training to execute marketing strategies with expert percision.

About Me!

I help ambitious business owners get visible online in less time, with less stress, and for less money with proven, sustainable, and scalable systems that work in any niche.

After over a decade in digital marketing, I have mastered marketing without the tricks and hacks, so your social media is algorithm-proof. My goal-driven, holistic approach to marketing up-levels your game while giving you more time to spend on your clients, your family, and your friends–which is the whole reason you started your business in the first place.

Two-time Amazon best-selling author, blogger, and digital marketing strategy expert, I enjoy spending time with my family, growing in faith, and getting grounded in the garden each spring.


Happy clients

Chella Diaz

One of Jennifer's gifts is to help you find your authentic voice to talk about your services and attract your ideal clients. Her step-by-step process is unique and empowers you to find your message. She tailors her program to your needs, no cookie-cutter process here. I highly recommend you set up a time to speak with her and I know you will walk away with tips you can put to use immediately.

Melanie Coeshott

I've been following Jennifer's training on social media and SEO over the past 6 months. Jennifer is very knowledgeable. Her training is very informative and I have learned a lot during this time, all of which I've managed to implement (through her guidance). Jennifer managed to make the training on this topic engaging and easy to follow, which I know can challenging in this area. She breaks things down into bitesize chunks which makes it all feel doable. Thanks Jennifer, I'm sure many other business owners will benefit from you.t.

Tresa Rolando Salters

Jennifer is brilliant when it comes to social media strategy and marketing! She has strategies that work and not only does she teach you how to market your business on social media, but she shares the why behind her strategies and she gives you tools that help you to get organized and create a plan that makes it doable! I have learned so much from her! I am getting more engagement daily as I use her strategies and have grown my following. Anyone that works with her will tell you that it is one of the best investments you will make in your business!

Jenny Hall

Jennifer is an amazing and caring person. She truly cares about helping you promote YOU on your social media. She knows and values the importance of connection and authenticity. I highly recommend Jennifer as a Digital Marketing Strategist. She runs her business from the heart and truly cares for her clients.If you are able to attend one of her Social Media challenges or classes, I highly recommend it. Amazing value!

Jessica Bennett

Jennifer’s knowledge of building a brand online through social media is outstanding. I now think of “Benny” the attention-grabbing rooster when I think of her brand. And that is her genius, making your brand memorable. She knows how to tackle community engagement and get your target audience engaged, and wanting to learn more from you like booking a meeting. She is thorough, kind, creative, and analytical. Would highly recommend having her on your social team.

David Eric Johns

Jennifer is a top-notch social media and marketing adviser. She has significant technical expertise working with social media and particularly on this platform - LinkedIn. Her writing skills are top-notch and you will not need concern yourself with her written representation of your business. Beyond the technical, Jennifer is practical, punctual, and caring. She follows through on her delivery schedule which will be within the agreed scope plus. Get on her schedule and provide her the opportunity to make a proposal on your project. She will not disappoint.


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